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die G-LinesAim like a Pro
Once the three alignment lines (G-Lines) on the putter can be seen at the same time, the correct setup position is taken. The new thing is, the lines are only visible when the correct position is obtained. Thus, no estimate or any other unnatural body movement is necessary to focus the alignment lines to target.

“Emotional Engineered Design”

A putter must generate confidence from the first moment. On the G-Lines PUTTER “Piranha” is the look – above the alignment medium – directed to the center of gravity of G-Lines. The player's eye is directed selectively to the center axis of the putter head. This position stabilizes the backswing movement totally. This supports a correct swing motion, which is required for the reproducible putt stroke.

2013-06-06 13.22.22The golf professionals have tested extensively the G-Lines putter over a year. It was demonstrated that the G-Lines PUTTER improved the score on the round significantly. Especially in the shorter putts, the G-Lines Putter proves to be a real "hole eater" (Piranha)

For longer putts the G-Lines PUTTER also offers enormous potential. In general, an incorrect setup  
position always induces the appropriate motion error. An eye position within the target line will inevitably cause a push movement and eye position outside the target line a pull movement. This is why a proper setup has to be taken to obtain reproducible results in putting. The G-Lines PUTTER takes the player themselves in the proper setup position; this is the basis for creating the perfect putting stroke.

Hit like a Pro
Gewichte-01Due to the extremely flexible and modular weight system of the G-Lines PUTTER it is customizable to place and playing conditions. It is recommended by players of all levels. On fast greens easily remove weights from the cassette to match the weight settings to your personal feeling. In the reverse case, insert more weights to the weight cassette.

R & A has reviewed and approved the G-Lines putter according to the official rules of golf!

Remember, the G-Lines PUTTER takes you from yourself in the right setup position with the chance of a repeatable putting stroke