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MalletPutter Piranha Schwarz
A putter is called Mallet because of its large expiring back clubhead. Such a design has the advantage that the moment of inertia (MOI) of the putter head is displaced further ftowards the rear. This design is tolerant of hits that were not performed centrally in the sweet spot The G-Lines putter meets this physical law with the help of his deep weight set. The clubhead weight is also customizable to the personal feeling.

G-Lines Data
The G-Lines putter is manufactured using high-precision milling and laser machines, which assures consistent quality in contrast to other methods. The raw materials used and the final product are subject to strict control of production by the industry certification ISO9001.




composite alloy, surface treated, milled putter body
metal face (milled face) with structure (improved rolling characteristics)
lasered target- and auxiliary line

2013-06-06 13.22.22
Shaft mounting:   center shafted / heel - toe weighted
Loft:   2 degrees    
Lie:   individual (69° - 73°)  
info3 TippLie  
Length:   individual (28" - 36") info3 TippStatic Fitting  

individual (delivery: putter head included steel weight 380 g)

Grip size:   Standard, Midsize, Jumbo, Giant info3 Tipp  
Shaft:   Step straight, Steel
info3 Tipp  
Model:   Right Hand, Left Hand
Color:   anthracite, azure blue, bordeaux red
    Made in Germany